Young Member and WiE Forum Greetings
Welcome to the CIGRE-AORC Young Member and WiE Forum.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for holding the Forum as the AORC Web-Library event.
The modern power system is transitioning into one complex and interrelated grid, with the lines between generation, transmission and distribution increasingly blurred. The power system is also decentralising and introducing an array of new technologies and requirements, which include ICT technologies, big data, cybersecurity, microgrids, renewables, storage and more.
AORC countries also face on these big challenges. Therefore, we need to cooperate to get through these challenges.
In this forum, we invite AORC young members and women engineers from 6 countries (Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand) and to share their activities and ideas for mutual understanding and challenges for the future.

Thank you
Koji KAWAKITA, Moderator of Young Member and WiE Forum
Chairperson of CIGRE Study Committee B3 – Substations and electrical installations
Background of this Event
The face-to-face meeting in Kanazawa has been replaced to the virtual event (web-library style) due to COVID-19 crisis. Accordingly, the NGN/WIE WORKSHOP has been cancelled.
Instead of the cancelation of the workshop, we are pleased to inform you to have the special space for young member (NGN, young engineers) and WIE (Women in Engineering) to make pre-recorded presentations related to CIGRE activities in each country as YOUNG MEMBER AND WIE FORUM.
List of Guest Presenters and Presentation Titles
Presentation Title introduction of Australia NGN Seize Opportunity, Embrace Challenge
Introduction of NGN China
Future Electricity Supply in Indonesia
Future Implementation of Supergrid
Company Jacobs-Senior Transmission Lines Engineer Tianjin University (Dr. LIU Yanli)
Xian Jiaotong University(Mr. WU zhicheng)
Name Mr. Bingxiang Lin Dr. LIU Yanli(WiE) and Mr. WU zhicheng(YM) Ms. Astuty Waode
Honor Co-Chair of Australia-NGN None None
Relevant NGN Australia-NGN None None
Relevant SC B2 (overhead line) Dr. LIU Yanli : C2 (Power system operation and control)
Mr. WU zhicheng : B3 (Substations and electrical installations)
Presentation Title Japan-NGN evolution through manifold activities CIGRE Malaysia's story Thailand National Committee(TNC-CIGRE) and Activities
Company Power System Operations Dept., Chubu Electric Power Grid Co.,Inc. Dispatch Engineer, Grid System Operator,
Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand(EGAT)
Name Mr. Yu Takamizawa (高見澤 悠) Mr. Foon Chun Yin Ms. Sirikullaya Patchanee
Nickname Yu Foon Proud
Honor Chair of International Communication Team None None
Relevant NGN Japan-NGN None None
Relevant SC C5 (Electricity Markets and Regulation) C2 (Power system operation and control) C2 (Power system operation and control)
Self-introduction of Presenters
Mr. Bingxiang Lin from Australia
Bing is a senior transmission lines engineer and the CIGRE Australia NGN Co-chair. Starting the career from ElectraNet, South Australia’s transmission service provider, Bing learnt from the well-respected engineers within the industry and had experience from concept to detailed design and site work. Bing is currently a lead engineer in Jacobs Australia’s power group. Bing has led a list of overhead line projects for clients within the country and in some other parts of the world. Bing is also a Chartered Professional Engineer recognised by Engineers Australia.
Bing is an active member of CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) Australia NGN (Next Generation Networks), Bing was the panel liaison for APB2 (Australian panel on Overhead Lines) from 2015-2017 and is currently the CIGRE Australia NGN Co-chair since 2018.
Dr. LIU Yanli from China
Associate Professor, Head of Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University
Executive deputy director, Integrated Energy Power System Intellectual Centre, Tianjin University
PhD, Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University (2009-2013)
Master, Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University (2007-2009)
Bachelor, Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University (2003-2007)
Security and Stability Assessment, especially probabilistic security and stability assessment, data-driven method application
Electrical Cyber Physical System, security and reliability
Executive Editor-in-Chief, Engineering, Subject “Smart Grid and Energy Internet”
Associate Editor, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
Associate Editor, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Mr. WU Zhicheng from China
Assistant Professor of School of Electrical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University.
Currently vice president of NGN CHINA
Research interests include:
✔ Condition monitoring of gas-insulated equipment
✔ SF6 gas discharge theory
✔ Advanced dielectric materials
Ms. Wa Ode Astuty H. from Indonesia
Currently Working as System Planning Engineer , PT PLN PERSERO (Electrical State-Owned Company in Indonesia )
M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering for Smart Grid, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
B.Eng. in Electrical Power System, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
Experience in Transmission Expansion Planning and Power System Protection
Mr. Yu Takamizawa from Japan
Yu Takamizawa is a TSO engineer of Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc.
He works in this industry for eight years, and his specialty is operation regarding supply-demand balancing
His experience in JP-NGN is 3 years and in charge of “International Communication Team”
A member of CIGRE NGN International Executive Committee
Mr. Foon Chun Yin from Malaysia
Dispatch Engineer and Grid System Operator Publications (2020)
CIGRE AORC Kanazawa – C2 System Operations and Control
Publications (2019)
CIGRE AORC Bali – B2 Overhead lines
IEC-CIGRE Hakodate – B2 Overhead lines
Ms. Sirikullaya Patchanee from Thailand
As a Power Engineer of The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, I am responsible for analyzing EGAT’s transmission system such as power flow, short circuit and stability study including the power system’s simulation.