(1) Introduction
The face-to-face meeting in Kanazawa has been replaced to the virtual event (web-library style) due to COVID-19 crisis. Accordingly, the NGN/WIE WORKSHOP has been cancelled. Instead of the cancelation of the workshop, we are pleased to inform you to have the special space for young member (NGN, young engineers) and WIE (Women in Engineering) to make pre-recorded presentations related to CIGRE activities in each country as YOUNG MEMBER AND WIE FORUM.
(2) Call for Presenters
* Number of presenters – Young member (NGN, young engineer) and/or WIE of AORC countries (Australia, China, GCC, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand)
* Four (4) presenters from Australia, Indonesia Thailand and Japan who have been the presenters for the NGN/WIE WORKSHOP are already nominated.
* Study Committee – Engineers in all of SC will be welcomed (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, D1, D2)
* Topics –Whatever but shall be related to CIGRE activities. The example of the topic is as follows;
Introduction of NGN activity of his/her NC
Introduction of the activities/presentation history of himself/herself in CIGRE/SC/Working
* Language – Presentation is written, and narration is, in English
* Moderator - Koji KAWAKITA, Chair of CIGRE Study Committee B3
Presenters (one person per country maximum) are invited to submit a following information to the contact person by 21th August 2020.
* Presentation title:
* Presenter name (must be either young member (under 35 year-old) or WIE member)
* Relevant SC:
(3) Duration of time
Totally 15~60mins.
(4) Presentation material
Presentation with voice-over recorded
- The presentation material can be watched whenever during the web meeting range
- The format will be distributed later

Template for presentation                : TBA
Guidance for voice-over recording   : TBA
(5) Contact Persons
* Koji KAWAKITA, Chair of SC B3
* Tamami KURIHARA, Leader of NGN in Japan
* Please send copy to Shinichi SUGANUMA, Chair of CIGRE – AORC Technical Meeting 2020 - Japan Web-Library Event Organizing Committee