2019.11.15 Deadline of paper synopses submission is extended to Dec. 2nd 2019.
2019.11.15 Deadline of presenter nomination for NGN/WIE Workshop is extended to Dec. 2nd 2019.
2019.11.19 Web site opened.
Dear All,

First of all, we, the Organizing Committee of CIGRE-AORC Technical Meeting 2020, would like to express sincere appreciation for the submission of 123 papers in total.

The Committee has been working on the premise of holding the meeting in April as scheduled. However, due to the rapid spread of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, we have no choice but to decide the postponement of the meeting as follows:

New Dates:
8th (Sun) to 10th (Tue) November 2020

Welcome Reception: 8th November 2020
Technical and Administrative Council Meetings: 9th to 10th November 2020

11th (Wed) November 2020
Site Tour in Kanazawa
Kanazawa Bunka Hall (same as original)

1. Handling of full papers submitted
The Organizing Committee will promptly reconsider the processes, deadlines, etc. taking into account not only the corrections based on our comments but also the opportunity to update and withdrawal of submitted papers, and the handling of expected requests from those who have accepted their abstracts but have not submitted full papers. New processes and deadlines will be notified via e-mail and Official Website.

2. Registration and payment already processed
Applications that have already been registered through the registration system will be invalidated, and payment will be refunded once. The registration process for the next meeting will restart from the appropriate date.

3. Others
As the spread of the COVID-19 infection still remains unpredictable, we will proceed with careful attention to actions and decisions related to the 2020 Paris Session by the Paris Central Office or the Steering Committee, such as expansion of the early-bird registration deadline, cancellation/postponement of the Session, and so on.

The details of the next meeting will be announced on the Official Website, and important notices will be made by e-mail.
If you have any inquiry, please ask CIGRE AORC Technical Meeting 2020 Inquiry Desk (

Chair of Organizing Committee
for CIGRE-AORC Technical Meeting 2020
CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) is one of the leading worldwide Organizations on Electric Power Systems, covering their technical, economic, environmental, organisational and regulatory aspects. This permanent, non-governmental and non-profit International Association, based in France, was founded in 1921, and presently, there are more than 90 countries represented in CIGRE and some 3500 experts taking part in the activities. The 16 study committees and more than 250 working groups are the main players of CIGRE activities.
The Asia-Oceania Regional Council of CIGRE (AORC) was formally constituted at the meeting attended by the representatives of the National Committees of Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Australia held on 9th May, 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The aim of the AORC is to promote CIGRE in the Asia-Oceania region and foster cooperation amongst the countries in the region on technical issues relevant to the region and to the member countries. The AORC currently consists of 12 regions and member countries – Australia, China, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Korea Malaysia New Zealand and Thailand.
More information about CIGRE and its activities can be found at CIGRE’s main website
Organizing Committee
Shinichi Suganuma, Organizing Committee Chairman, Japanese Regular Member, SCB5
Daisuke Yoshida, Japanese Regular Member, SCA3
Hideo Tanaka, Japanese Regular Member, SCB1
Taku Yamakawa, Japanese Regular Member, SCB2
Shigeyuki Tsukao, Japanese Regular Member, SCB3
Daigo Hirano, Japanese Regular Member, SCC2
Yasuo Matsuura, Japanese Regular Member, SCC6
Co-operative Committee
Osamu Nagura, Japanese Regular Member, SCA1
Shin Yamada, Japanese Regular Member, SCA2
Hiroyuki Furukawa, Japanese Regular Member, SCB4
Naoto Fujioka, Japanese Regular Member, SCC1
Satoshi Nakasono, Japanese Regular Member, SCC3
Yoshihiro Baba, Japanese Regular Member, SCC4
Kenichi Sugahara, Japanese Regular Member, SCC5
Tsuguhiro Takahashi, Japanese Regular Member, SCD1
Hideomi Takehara, Japanese Regular Member, SCD2
Tamami Kurihara, Japanese Representative, NGN
CIGRE AORC Technical Meeting 2020 Inquiry Desk
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